Entry #5

New Game Coming Soon

2009-06-30 17:01:09 by skideh

For those of you that are a fan of my games, then this is good news for you!
For those of you that hate my games, then it's pretty bad news. Although the internet is a big place, there are plenty of corners for you to go cry in. Or if you're not a fan of crying, you can just have a big manly strop!

So... me? I've graduated university now, which is good. And I'm bored as a dutch farmer (actually they're probably never bored). I'm cooking up something with Eggy, I know I've said that before, but we really are this time! Honest.

Anyway, here is a little teaser of Burn Stuff and Die, my new game (art by cicla). Unfortunately there are no points given for guessing what the game is about.
The game should be out in a couple of days :)

That's it for now.
Na Nite.

New Game Coming Soon


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2009-06-30 17:01:53


skideh responds:

I can only assume that means you like it?


2009-06-30 17:06:58

wow the art rocks man who is doing it?

skideh responds:

damn man :( i forgot to mention. hahaha
it's you silly!!!


2009-06-30 17:19:40

OMG i have a strong feeling that has something to do with The Pyro from TF2!!!


2009-06-30 17:21:41

That does look an awful lot like the pyro from Team Fortress 2

Looks awsome though


2009-06-30 17:24:56

yeah I like it

It is the pyro from TF2?

skideh responds:

Hah, now that you mention it, it does look a lot like him. Sorry to disappoint anyone but the game isn't related to that.
I guess that's where cicla may have had some of his inspiration from though.


2009-06-30 18:07:52

Pyro from TF2?


2009-06-30 22:34:04

Looks cool :D an ppl..enough about you pyro from your team fortress 2..gah. lol


2009-07-01 03:20:46

Nice one Rich and Cicla !! :D


2009-07-14 05:02:25

Nice one! But I'll bet Arrival in Hell 2 would look way better!


2009-07-14 15:23:26

i played burn stuff and loved it i gave it a 5 and hope it survives


2009-08-20 18:19:44

any arrival in hell 2 news???


2009-11-05 18:18:23

I just played arrival in hell, then decided to check your post to see if there was any announcement for a sequel, sadly I see nothing on it. Is there a sequel planned at any time?


2010-02-16 11:10:55



2011-03-26 22:42:00

well this is likely the last review you'll get in this post or at least when you do any other submission, much people have forgotten you and you games.

they were awesome, when they lasted, I know you are not dead I've seen you have some medals about a recent game (it went out this month so you can't contrail anything) you have been connecting to newgounds, why haven't you do anything recently.

I'm saying this for lot's of NGers... I MISS YOUR GAMES... they were just epic please do something else than just babble around. or at least make a post saying you won't do any more games but don't ignore what i'm saying do something, you left us in a lots of doubts

-damn 39